DevOps BDD Automated Tests using Gherkin and PowerShell Pester

A mob programming style workshop recorded with live audience learning how to use Behavior Driven Development BDD test automation with PowerShell. Continue reading for links to the youtube videos.


Microsoft Teams Connector for

I'm loving my time with Microsoft Teams, the latest Office 365 alternative to Slack and Skype for Business. I'm also loving the local community meetup groups. I am passionate about learning and encouraging others to grow. If we don't continuously learn and change (as an individual, a team and as an organisation) we'll be quickly left … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Connector for

Installing SonarQube on Azure virtual machines

(using PowerShell Desired State Configuration) Why use Azure Automation Accounts and Desired State Configuration? I wanted to learn more about Azure Automation and how to automate the deployment and configuration of an application. This technique is not a recommendation for every situation, and there may be 'better' solutions depending upon your own needs and your … Continue reading Installing SonarQube on Azure virtual machines