Leading change with the Toyota Kata

UPDATE 23/03/2017: Video recording of the meetup presentation has been posted to youtube and embedded in this page.

I will demonstrate how Mike Rother's Toyota Kata Continuous Improvement and Continuous Coaching practices can be applied to IT organizations at the DevOps Melbourne Meetup.


Automation is not always the answer. Try kaikuri.

I recently posted a blog of my experiences of a Toyota plant tour. A poster on the importance of Kaikuri claimed that “Automation is not always the answer” with a reminder to keep Kaikuri fresh and don’t let the practice get forgotten over time. I couldn’t find reference to Kaikuri anywhere in lean manufacturing, and now … Continue reading Automation is not always the answer. Try kaikuri.

Jishuken Hoshin Kaizen and Kanban

Learnings from a Toyota plant tour Earlier this week I had the great privilege of a guided tour of the Toyota car plant at Altona. Quality inspections were everywhere, every step of the process. It was wonderful to observe the lean processes that have optimized every work station for efficiency (and quality) as a result of years of … Continue reading Jishuken Hoshin Kaizen and Kanban