The Practical Scrum Guide (Refactored)

Official Scrum Guide Everything on this page is directly sourced from the official Scrum Guide, no opinion, no bias, this is official Scrum. Some quotes sourced from the official Scrum Guide revisions page. My own comments on the guide are written in this font. The images on this page are sourced from the official … Continue reading The Practical Scrum Guide (Refactored)


Continuous Software Development Life Cycle

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Feedback and Continuous Learning all have a common theme. Here's my first cut at the full continuous SDLC taking inspiration from Jez Humble and Martin Fowler. Here's the full Continuous SDLC with annotation to explain Continuous Integration, Delivery, Deployment, Feedback and Learning. Click the image to open full … Continue reading Continuous Software Development Life Cycle

Microsoft Teams Connector for

I'm loving my time with Microsoft Teams, the latest Office 365 alternative to Slack and Skype for Business. I'm also loving the local community meetup groups. I am passionate about learning and encouraging others to grow. If we don't continuously learn and change (as an individual, a team and as an organisation) we'll be quickly left … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Connector for