Leading change with the Toyota Kata

UPDATE 23/03/2017: Video recording of the meetup presentation has been posted to youtube and embedded below.

I will demonstrate how Mike Rother’s Toyota Kata Continuous Improvement and Continuous Coaching practices can be applied to IT organizations at the DevOps Melbourne Meetup.

Tuesday 29 Nov 2016

The Third Way to Success: Leading change with the Toyota Kata

In the novel “The Phoenix Project” Erik encourages Bill to master The Three Ways.

The DevOps community has many practices, tools, and presentations focused on the First Way (Flow) and the Second Way (Feedback). However tying to implement change is a challenge in every organization. The key to success is to master the Third Way (Continual Learning).

“The Third Way shows us how to create a culture that simultaneously fosters experimentation, learning from failure, and understanding that repetition and practice are the prerequisites to mastery.” The Phoenix Project (2013)

Come and learn how the Toyota Kata can help you lead the continuous improvement pattern at scale across your organisation and why the Third Way is key to mastering the First and Second Way.




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